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Longchamp Handbags


About Longchamp

Based in Paris, Longchamp was founded in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain. Originally founded as a smoking-pipe covering manufacturer, Longchamp soon expanded to include more accessories for smokers. In 1957, Longchamp moved into a factory, uniting craftspeople and workers under one roof. Through the 60s and 70s Longchamp extended the line to include accessories such as lambskin goods, leather travel bags, as well as canvas and nylon travel bags. At the beginning of the 1980s, Longchamp expanded again with the first Longchamp retail boutiques in Hong Kong, Japan, Germany and Belgium.

As the Longchamp name spread and grew a reputation for quality and innovation, Jean Cassegrain's son Philippe took the family business's helm and helped Longchamp to establish its first Parisian store. In competition with Hermes, Chanel and other more established design houses, Longchamp remained solely accessories-based and made its mark in the accessories division.

By 1990, Longchamp had grown yet again to include gloves and belts as well as silk scarves and men's ties and cravats. In 1993, Longchamp launched its Le Pliage line, a foldable, convertible and more affordable handbag line manufactured with nylon and leather. In 1999, Longchamp marked its territory on the international luxury scene by opening premier luxury boutiques in the fashion districts of Paris, Tokyo and New York.

Longchamp Le Pliage - Pliage means "fold or bend" in French and boy, does this bag bend and fold! It is incredibly difficult to explain this convertible bag, which is Longchamp's premiere line. The folded-up version is smaller and because of an incredibly innovative design and an unbelievably brilliant idea, it is impossible to tell where the folding or affixing occurs. The Longchamp Pliage collection has tons of bright colors to choose from and can be a big tote or a small handbag. The handbags themselves, folded or unfolded, are great shapes, easy to wear and are definitely chic. Really, it's two bags in one and two bags for the price of one.

Longchamp Galatee Handbag - More modern and sophisticated than the Le Pliage line, Longchamp does something a little different than the rest with the Galatee handbag. In shining red split-cowhide leather, this bag is sleek and eye-catching. It is branded with six large silver Longchamp embossed studs on each side. The dual handles are riveted by two more silver Longchamp embossed studs. The simple yet modern look of the Galatee from Longchamp makes it easy to carry for day or night.

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