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Lambertson Truex Handbags


About Lambertson Truex

Lambertson Truex, the American accessories house is known for its contemporary vision of classic luxury. Founded seven years ago by Richard Lambertson and John Truex; the company has quickly established itself as one of fashion's most original and authentic new voices. Its innovative designs, exquisite materials, and commitment to fine craftsmanship, have won a loyal following in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Following the success of its bags, Lambertson Truex launched a women's shoe line; followed by small leather goods, gloves, and belts for women. Due in part to the success of the women's line, the company then launched the same assortment of accessories for men.

At the heart of Lambertson Truex, lies a fresh interpretation of authentic American elegance. The signature pieces: soft, structured handbags, carry-all totes, and slim clutch bags express Lambertson Truex's distinctive vision. The designs are concise and executed with warmth, integrity, and an understated tranquility.

Lambertson Truex strongly believes that texture is the soul of the accessory. Fine leathers in multiple finishes, from powdery soft suedes to slick polished finishes; become the inspiration for new shapes. The effect is both graceful and voluptuous. The bags are distinguished by Lambertson Truex's signature touch. Each bag consists of luxurious leather or suede lining, that is azure blue. This use of color illuminates the inside of the bag, and makes it easier to navigate. Each LT accessory is designed with the thought of modern life in mind. Functional organizational features such as: cell phone holders and detachable keychains, are discretely worked into the bag's interior.

Contemporary in design, and timeless in feel, these are "forever bags" for a new generation of women. "I want each bag to be carried for a long time," says John Truex. "They soften and get more personality with age. Our customers collect our bags and keep them for years. Each one becomes a jewel to be rediscovered again and again."

Building their collection around pristine design and craftsmanship, Lambertson Truex has won a following of stylish individuals. Whether their taste is classic or unconventional, the customers are women who use luxury accessories to express their own independent "sense" of chic. "Our line is about diversity. We want to give every kind of woman the opportunity to wear a beautiful bagno matter where her lifestyle takes her," John explains. "If they're worn to the beach or to a benefit, our accessories should augment a woman's personal style. Each woman who wears Lambertson Truex, has her own unique way."

Lambertson Truex has been acknowledged within the American fashion industry several times, for its excellence in design and craftsmanship. In 2000, they were awarded the American Fashion Award for Accessory Designer of the Year by the Council of Fashion Designers of America. In addition, they were presented with the ACE Award for Best New Accessories Designer, by the Accessories Council that year. In 1998 and 1999 the company was nominated for the Perry Ellis Award for accessories.

Lambertson Truex has masterfully bridged the gap between classic design and fashion. Designers Richard Lambertson and John Truex have created a new generation of American classics in their distinctive handbags and leather goods.

Your bag is the crucial accessory of the moment. What defines it and you are the details. In this case, architectural details and modern structures. Add inventive combinations of leathers, styles and colors and you have Lambertson Truex - a line of accessories with the spare elegance of luxury.

Lamberston Truex is an American design house founded in 1998, though the melodious name and classic style belies their recent arrival on the scene.

Richard Lambertson and John Truex, the partners behind the LT logo, design and manufacture bags that are both timeless and of-the-moment. Precisely crafted with meticulous attention to detail, they have built-in wallets and key holders. Thoughtfully, they are lined with the signature Lambertson Truex periwinkle blue leather or suede to illuminate the insides. Each piece is designed to be as ergonomic as elegant and improve with age. "I want each bag to be carried for a long time," says John Truex. "They soften, get more personality as they age. Each one becomes a little jewel to be rediscovered over and over again."

In the age of disposability, Lambertson Truex is made to defy time. The superior craftsmanship and sublime design retain undeniable value. Your Lambertson Truex bag is what you keep.

Its no wonder then that the team was nominated for 1999 Perry Ellis award for accessories and the 2000 accessory designers of the year award.

Graduates of important design houses - Calvin Klein, Carlos Falchi, Geoffrey Beene, Gucci - Lambertson Truex elevates the language of accessories with sculpted shapes, perfectly engineered hardware, reinforced structures and luxurious leathers. The result; inventive, glamorous bags that run the gamut from la dolce vita diva to upper east side socialite and everywhere in between. "Our line is all about diversity. We want to give every kind of woman the opportunity to wear a beautiful bag - no matter where her lifestyle takes her," John explains. "To the beach or a benefit, our bags have style, but they're also functional." Bold beauty is always balanced by simple utility: the definition of American expression. That's Lamberston Truex.


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