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Franchi Handbags


About Franchi

Franco Franchi may be a newcomer to the world of handbag design and manufacturing, but he comes from a deep background in retailing. As former head of the European operation for Associated Merchandising Corporation, he built up a network of materials suppliers and manufacturing contacts throughout the world. So, when he decided to start his own company to design, manufacturer and sell handbags, he knew exactly who he wanted to work with and where to go.

All design work for the Franchi lines come from his home office in Florence, Italy. The designs are then translated into handbags in the Far East from a variety of high quality materials - Italian leather, fabric from the Orient and Filipino straws. Using a sometimes surprising combination of materials, Franchi handbags are distinctively fresh and never boring.

The Franchi design philosophy, according to Franco, is deceptively simple. He keeps his finger on the pulse of ready-to-wear design trends. He is always searching for new interpretation and details. And, he believes that the Franchi line should be new each season, ready to enhance whatever look is "in" and perfect for the woman with a young attitude and a variety of handbag needs.


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