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Burberry Handbags


Authentic BURBERRY Purse Buying Guide

This guide contains information to help you find an authentic Burberry handbags and purses or authenticate one you brought. This pictorial guide is limited to information about the Classic Check and Nova Check line, two of the most popular lines by Burberry.

Guide to buy Burberry to read A pictorial guide to buy an authentic BURBERRY purse
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The material used in the Classic Check and Nova Check line is PVC (per Burberry) or commonly known as vinyl-coated canvas. It does looks and feels like leather but it is not leather.

Classic Check

Classic check is tan in color with black vertical and horizontal stripes, red stripes and knight insignia. Burberry classic check products are usually trim with matte smooth brown or smooth glossy red leather.

Nova Check

Nova check consists of a cream color with light yellow undertone with black vertical and horizontal stripes and pink stripes (in older Nova Check there was more red in the pink stripes). Products in Nova Check are trim in matte smooth black leather (older Nova Check bags were trim in polished sort of glossy black leather).

Pattern Alignment

The pattern in both the Nova Check and Classic Check must match as pictured below. The pink/red line and the black stripes must meet on the side and on the bottom like you see in these pictures.

Counterfeit aka fake bags always gets the pattern alignment wrong, the stripes are all over the place.

If you have any Burberry bags with separate sides like the bag below, the two sides must be mirror image of each other meaning both sides are identical to one another as pictured below.

Counterfeit aka fake bags do not and never have the mirror image feature.



Exterior Embossing

Burberry bags and wallets have Burberry embossed on the outside on select models.

* Please note the placement of the letters, their size and spacing are all proportionate to each other.

Interior Plaque

All Burberry bags are made in Italy. Interior plaques are either a leather tab with embossed words or a metal plaque that engraved Burberry - London. Behind the leather tab should have Made in Italy and a letter and number sequence.

Burberry wallets will have Burberry - London embossed on the left side in either silver or gold. Notice the crisp embossing and clean lines. All wallets are lined smooth, polished leather in red, brown or black.

* Please note the placement of the letters, their size and spacing are all proportionate to each other.


Burberry bags are lined in the following types of lining material:

  • Black canvas
  • Beige pigskin suede
  • Burberry signature fabric (a thick jacquard type of fabric with BURBERRY woven in glossy thread throughout in beige, black, brown or red).

Some pochette are unlined.

Leather Trim

Burberry used a few different colors leather and types in their bags and wallets, the list is below.

  • Black matte leather (Nova check)
  • Black polished leather (Nova check - older line)
  • Brown matte leather (Classic check)
  • Red polished leather (Classic check)


Hardware used in Burberry bags or wallets comes in two colors.
  • Silver-toned
  • Gold-toned

The bag's hardware will have one of those colors and the embossing on the inside leather tab must match the color of the bag's hardware. If the bag have silver-toned hardware, the embossing the on the inside leather tab must also be in silver. Hardware on authentic bags have Burberry engraved very cleanly (the embossing on counterfeits looks messy and not clear at all).


Burberry products will have the outside metal zippers from one of the brands listed below.
  • Lampo (without the lightning bolt)
  • riri
  • YKK (no engraving on the back, always plastic zippers)

The inside zippers (which are often plastic zippers and brand is YKK) might be a plain zipper and not from the two brands listed above.

Paper Tag & Box

The paper tag and box that came with Burberry products is a very dark blue (almost black) color with Burberry - London in silver printed on it.



Dust Cover

Burberry bags and wallets come with a navy blue cotton dust cover with Burberry - London printed on the front in light blue with drawstring closure.


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Please be aware that counterfeits products are illegal to sell, produce or mail (it is mail fraud per the USPS), it hurts our economy, it helps terrorism and counterfeits are produced using child labor. Authentic products will last longer and you will feel fabulous every single time you wear or use them.




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